Little Maddox is already such a blessing and he’s not even here yet.  Ashley prayed and prayed for another baby and 34 months later God granted that prayer.  She always said she didn’t feel her family was complete yet and she was right!  Little Maddox will shortly complete this beautiful family and I can’t wait to meet him.  

We decided as soon as she found out she was pregnant to document this pregnancy in ale very aspect so we have.  We had a couple mini sessions this week and the result left us speechless.  These were just for fun, no big deal but they turned out incredible!  Ashley is so beautiful and even more beautiful pregnant.  

Her love for this little guy is pretty obvious and we are all so anxious for his arrival!  Not long now! 2016-04-26_0001 2016-04-26_0002 2016-04-26_0003 2016-04-26_0004 2016-04-26_0005 2016-04-26_0006 2016-04-26_0007 2016-04-26_0008 2016-04-26_0009 2016-04-26_0010 2016-04-26_0011 2016-04-26_0012 2016-04-26_0013 2016-04-26_0014 2016-04-26_0015 2016-04-26_0016 2016-04-26_0017 2016-04-26_0018 2016-04-26_0019 2016-04-26_0020 2016-04-26_0021 2016-04-26_0022 2016-04-26_0023 2016-04-26_0024 2016-04-26_0025 2016-04-26_0026 2016-04-26_0027

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