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June 2, 2016

Eli Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Newborn Session

I’ve known Hannah since high school and we first met Tony when we shot their wedding in June 2014.  It’s been almost 2 years already!  Time flies.  Hannah contacted us in April about doing their maternity and Eli’s newborn photos.  Of course, we were thrilled to be apart of another chapter in their lives.  We got her on the schedule quickly for their maternity and a couple weeks later, baby Eli made his arrival.  

We did the entire shoot in his adorable farm nursery.  Everything was perfectly in its place and she even had a chair that belonged to her grandma in his nursery as well.  He was absolutely perfection and slept for us the whole time.  He was so snuggly!  

We were able to keep him cozy since he was in his own environment.  Lifestyle newborn sessions are some of our favorites and its in the convenience of your own home.  It’s such a relaxing experience.  

We also got to incorporate Eli’s daddy’s firefighter gear and a matching outfit for Eli as well.  This entire session was pure bliss!  2016-06-01_0001 2016-06-01_0002 2016-06-01_0003 2016-06-01_0004 2016-06-01_0005 2016-06-01_0006 2016-06-01_0007 2016-06-01_0008 2016-06-01_0009 2016-06-01_0010 2016-06-01_0011 2016-06-01_0012 2016-06-01_0013 2016-06-01_0014 2016-06-01_0015 2016-06-01_0016 2016-06-01_0017 2016-06-01_0018 2016-06-01_0019

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