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July 6, 2016

Maddox’s Newborn Lifestyle Newborn Session

It’s no surprise that we have hoped and prayed for this child for years. I became a Pinterest addict with secret boards for everything for a baby! One of those boards was of course a newborn session. Being a photographer, every big event turns into “oh the photos we can get!” It’s embarrassing the amount of pins that I had on my boards (but hey a lot can accumulate after 3 years of trying for a baby). 

When I finally got pregnant, the first thing Ashley and I said was “oh my can you imagine these newborn photos?” For months we have been ordering props and planning it all out. I was going to be sure he was fed and asleep good before Ashley came and we would be ready in our matchy matchy family outfits, he was going to sleep solid, and all would be well. 

Well, I’m pretty sure I busted a stitch (literally) from laughing so hard during these photos! I’m pretty sure my oldest 2 ate sugar by the bowls for breakfast and have secretly been taking up Kung fu because they were WOUND UP one minute and literally fighting the next…and I mean literally fighting. I had to end up going to another room with them and have the “you can’t punch your brother” chat. At this point we had good shots with the big brothers out of the way so I thought “that’s ok we can concentrate on the sweet and snuggly shots of Maddox.” Now remember, I had that feeding taken care of like we always tell our clients so Maddox should be good to go. 

Well…my sweet boy loves his mama and he loves to nurse…he nurses when he’s hungry, sleepy, mad, etc. I’m pretty sure by the end of the session he had a gallon of milk….that’s all he wanted to do! Well, all he wanted to do other than poop! He pooped on everything, including the whole front of my white dress that I had planned on taking pics with him in! When I finally got him sound and asleep (hours in) Ashley got the sweetest shots that I will forever cherish! We may not have been able to try everything we planned, my photos with him may have been taken in pjs, and my oldest 2 boys may have literally drove me insane…but when I look at these photos all I feel is blessed! They are absolutely perfect of my un-perfect life and I wouldn’t trade this madness for anything in the world ????2016-07-05_0026 2016-07-05_0027 2016-07-05_0028 2016-07-05_0029 2016-07-05_0030 2016-07-05_0031 2016-07-05_0032 2016-07-05_0033 2016-07-05_0034 2016-07-05_0035 2016-07-05_0036 2016-07-05_0037 2016-07-05_0038 2016-07-05_0039 2016-07-05_0040 2016-07-05_0041 2016-07-05_0042 2016-07-05_0043 2016-07-05_0044 2016-07-05_0045 2016-07-05_0046 2016-07-05_0047 2016-07-05_0048 2016-07-05_0049 2016-07-05_0050 2016-07-05_0051 2016-07-05_0052 2016-07-05_0053 2016-07-05_0054 2016-07-05_0055 2016-07-05_0056 2016-07-05_0057 2016-07-05_0058 2016-07-05_0059 2016-07-05_0060 2016-07-05_0061 2016-07-05_0062

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