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October 4, 2016

Ella Studio Baby Session

It’s hard to believe Miss Ella is already here and almost 6 weeks old!  I feel like I just did their maternity for her and now she’s already over a month old.  She is so sweet and calm.  We started off with their family photos and she literally just looked right at the camera the entire time.  Her big sisters love her so much and are so loving toward her!  It’s family is absolute precious!  

2016-09-30_0118 2016-09-30_0119 2016-09-30_0120 2016-09-30_0121 2016-09-30_0122 2016-09-30_0123 2016-09-30_0124 2016-09-30_0125 2016-09-30_0126 2016-09-30_0127 2016-09-30_0128 2016-09-30_0129 2016-09-30_0130 2016-09-30_0131 2016-09-30_0132

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