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October 7, 2016

Selah {Newborn} Rainbow Baby Newborn

Meet my beautiful niece Selah Raine!  She perfect in every way.  She tiny, loves to snuggles and be wrapped tight, which is exactly what we did!  She was first wrapped tightly in rainbow colors because she’s our rainbow baby!  She came a little over a year after her big sister Taya went to be with God.  It’s amazing because as soon as we saw her, we knew exactly who she looked like, our angel Taya.  She’s beautiful and I know just how loved this baby is.  Her big sisters and big brother love her so much and love snuggling with her and they love to be mommys big helper.  It’s such a beautiful thing!  We even incorporated their Taya bear which is the same weight as our sweet angel was when she was born.  This family is perfect and this session was extra special and I’m thankful I’m able to be apart of all of these memories!  We love you all and Aunt Ashee loves her nieces and nephew! 

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