I was able to spend a morning with Lauren, David and their new baby boy, Isaac.  David and I graduated high school together so it is always nice catching up and seeing classmates again.  It was also a pleasure meeting his wife, Lauren, she is so sweet and their baby boy is wonderful combination of the both of them.  I can already tell he’s going to be as sweet as his parents.  

We were able to get so many family shots because Isaac was so calm and relaxed.  He made my job super easy!  I even got some snuggles in between family shots and his nap! Can’t complain there!  He finally, dozed off and next thing I knew we were almost 3 hours in and we had just finished up his last shot.  We wrapped him because he loves being super snuggled (and his dad was a pro at it).  We ended the session in a Tennessee crotchet outfit which was his moms alma mater.  

Congratulation Lauren and David!  Isaac is absolutely perfect!

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