We have had so many babies lately and we have loved every. single. minute of it!  They are all so so sweet!  I think we’ve gotten a lot of baby snuggles lately and who can complain when you get to snuggle these cute things!   

Sweet little Grant was no exception.  He was snuggly from the start.  I think he liked our braided blanket (who wouldn’t! It’s so soft)!  We barely even had to pose this little guy.  He did it for us!  We would start to love him slightly and he’d go ahead and end up in the position we wanted without having to do anything.  

We finished up this sweet little guys session with his sweet parents and he sure loves them.  When he started to get squirmy, his daddy just lifted him to his chest and put his face side by side and he instantly calmed down. He is perfect!  

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