Introducing my baby cousin Adam!  When I first out my cousin was pregnant, I was over the moon excited for her!  I just can’t believe this little angel is already here.  

My mom texted me and told me she was dilated so we waited by the phone.  My mom ended up going over and waited for him to make his arrival and sent pictures when he did.  Those pictures didn’t do this cutie justice.  

I went over the next day.  I walked in and saw the happy parents and this beautiful baby.  He’s absolute perfection.  I couldn’t get over the amount of love that was in this room and how loved this new baby was already.  

His newborn session was nothing short of amazing.  Adam is so loved and he brings me so much happiness.  He’s beautiful and perfect.  Watching my cousin enjoy her new son is also a blessing because she is a wonderful mom.  Another blessing, I get to watch my aunt be a grandmother and she is the best!  I love you guys so much!! 

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