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May 25, 2017

Knight Wedding Stanley, VA Wedding

Saturday, we arrived at a beautiful stone church.  As soon as we saw this beautiful church, we couldn’t wait to go in!  As we walked in, we spoke to the bride and I couldn’t help but notice how much happiness filled the room.  Not only was everyone happy but calm.  Calla had a bag full of all the details we needed to start our day ready to go.  I can’t even begin to tell you how nice that is when everything is ready to go for us!  She had a sweet detail on her bouquet of her grandparents photos.  I always love seeing these sweet details incorporated ina wedding day.  Their rings were beautiful, their invitation was so unique and her dress was timeless.

The inside of the church was small and sweet.  It made everything feel so much more intimate.  Their bridal party were super easy to work with and of course the guys kept us laughing.  LG’s nephew Carter “helped” take some photos and Calla’s brother sang “Forever and Ever Amen”, which happens to be the same song their mom sang to their dad on their wedding day.  Every single detail, bouquet, cake and decor were all done themselves and I have to say they went above and beyond!  

Watching someone say “I do” and make it all official is such a special moment that never gets old for us.  Watching these two was no exception because the way they look at one another is filled with so much love. 

Congratulations Calla + LG!  Thank you for having us!

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