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July 3, 2017

LeGrand Wedding Khimaira Farm Summer Wedding

We arrived 10 minutes early to Khimaira Farm and the bride was on her way to the venue, so we got a head start on the details.  The reception area was setup and looked stunning!  There was so many purple accents and I LOVE purple!!  The flowers, vases, signs were all perfectly in their place!  They even had a jar of popsicle sticks for everyone to leave date night ideas, how creative.  

Jacqueline arrived soon after we finished up some details and we took her and her bridesmaids outside.  They sipped champagne in their matching monogrammed shirts before getting ready.  Now it was time for Jacqueline to get dressed.  Her mom and sister helped and then she did a first look with her bridesmaids and their reaction was PRICELESS!  

First looks always seem to be a hard decision for couples but not for Jacqueline and Dan!  Their first look was filled with smiles, laughs, love, kisses and they both took in each other.  It was the most special first look!!  

We were ahead of schedule and after the gorgeous ceremony, in front of the mountains, all we had left were family photos.  We even finished up 30 minutes early and headed to the reception.  While they were waiting to be called in, we utilized the extra 3 minutes for a quick portrait in the garden area.  This was wedding was absolutely incredible, as are the couple!  They even surprised their friend (who’s birthday was their wedding day) with a cake!  We love these two and wish them so much happiness!

Congrats Jacqueline and Dan!

Venue: Khimaira Farm

Florist: Vivian’s Flower Shop

DJ: Josh Nicol

Cake: Groom’s Mom!

Catering: Hanks Smokehouse

Hair/Makeup: Flawless Faces And Hair

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