What is love?

We watch so many people say I Do throughout the year and every one of their stories are different.  It’s neat hearing how each person met and each love story, whether it be theirs, their parents or grandparents.  During almost every reception, they do a dance to see who has been married the longest; 30, 40, 50 years and I can’t help but think, will I be that couple one day?

I think about all the family I have who have influenced my life with love, my grandparents were married over 53 years and my parents were married for 30 years last week.  Marriage vows say for better or worse, in sickness and in health and I’ve watched my grandfather stand beside my grandmother through her sickness, without a doubt and without question.  He never left her side and built her up throughout the entire journey during her illness.  She’s at peace in heaven and his love has not faltered.  Nothing has changed, he loves her as much now as he did when she in her chair rocking beside him.


Not only have I experienced their love but I’ve been fortunate enough to have parents who have a lasting marriage as well.  They said I Do at 16 and 17 and welcomed me into the world shortly after and my sister a few years later.  We have been so lucky to have parents to provide our every need, to be at every sporting event, to help us along life’s journey, to catch us when we fall, to build us up when others put us down, to inspire us daily, to teach us what hard work is, to encourage our dreams and love us when we weren’t worthy.  Most importantly, they taught us what is means to really love and to really love, our relationship with God had to come first.  Our parents taught us to love him first and because we do, our hearts can know the real meaning, the real feeling of what love feels like.


Love is forgiving.

Love is saying you’re sorry when it’s not your fault.

Love is patient.

Love is compromise.

Love is truthful.

Love is understanding.

Love is being comfortable.

Love is talking.

Love is arguing.

Love is making up.

Love is selfless.

Love is being yourself.

Love is hard.

Love is worth it.

Marriage isn’t easy, but nothing you ever want comes easy and to have what you want, you have to work to keep it.

Thanks to my parents and my grandparents for the influences they’ve been to me.

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  1. Ann Good

    July 19th, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Wonderful blog. Charles and Florence forever have a place in my heart. They both stayed at the hospital with me and my family the whole day when my mom died. They could never know how much that meant to have them with us during one of the most difficult days of our lives. God bless Charles and I know Florence is in heaven there’s no doubt in my mind.

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