We were so excited when these two booked their wedding with us and we couldn’t wait to do their engagement.  Whitney and Blake are so sweet, fun and energetic and it makes a photographer’s job super easy.  They compliment each other so well.

When we arrived, it started raining so we thought of a backup plan and if they were down, it would be amazing.  So needless to say, when they arrived we got a few shots with the gorgeous sunlight that was peeking through the trees during the rain break.  Since we were surrounded by water and it was raining on and off, we thought we could embrace it.  Whitney and Blake hopped in the water!  We were so excited!  We even did a jump and it was straight out of Dirty Dancing.  It was literally a photographer’s dream!  We could not be happier with their engagement photos and we can’t wait for their wedding next month.

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