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August 30, 2017

Dear kids…I was there too!

Ok let’s face it, moms are usually the ones who take the pictures right? Not always, but usually. We are the ones standing back worrying everyone to death to “look at eachother,” “ok now look at me,” “just stand still and take one more.” We are all guilty right? We are also the ones who jump up from our beach chair when we spot that “moment” to get a picture of it! We have our cameras (or phones) in hand at all times and ready to snap (the button of course). We aggravate our families, but make lasting memories that will last forever. No big deal right? Want to know what the problem is? We are so busy capturing these special moments, that sometimes it appears as though we aren’t in them! Who captures that moment that you heal a boo boo with a band-aid and a kiss? Who captures that moment you wake up your little ones with their favorite breakfast? Who captures that moment you put a note in their lunch boxes? Who captures that moment of you rocking them in the middle of the night because the don’t feel good? Or when you give them a million hugs and kisses in a day? We try so hard to capture “moments” but we forget about the ones that we are in! Images in your mind will fade over time, but the ones that are captured and printed never will. Pass that camera momma! Ask dad to snap more of you and your babies! Will it be straight? Probably not. Will it be blurry? I’m sure at times it will. But YOU will be in it! Your children will have physical proof that you were there for them! They will look at those pictures and remember the way your fabric smelled as you rocked them. They will remember that special breakfast. They will remember the way your hugs felt. They will remember what an amazing mommy they had!


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