So many things are not talked about when it comes to anxiety and depression.  Its’ a topic that most like to push under the table or brush off as no big deal.

But it is a big deal.  Maybe not to you but to the person dealing with it.

We wanted to document how it feels to suffer from anxiety and depression so we did some research and asked how people who deal with it feel.  This is what we’ve come up with.

It feels like a weight on your shoulders, a cluttered mind, an emptiness you can’t describe, loneliness, it’s a knot in your stomach and a haze to your day.

It’s like one minute you’re fine and the next, you’re not.  It’s like you mentally detach yourself from everything.  Not on purpose, but you mentally can’t handle or take anything on.

It’s weird because you feel like your life is going great and you wake up the next day and… it’s all changed.  You don’t know why or what happened to this feeling come on.  It’s the mental detachment from life and not being able to change that state you’re in.

So many people, friends, family, loved ones suffer and don’t speak about it.

You can’t let it win.  Anxiety and depression lie.  They lie to us and convince us we aren’t good enough, our lives are in shambles, something is always wrong, when in fact; everything is fine.

They lie.  They trick us.  They try to cheat us of our happiness.

At the end of the day, we have to fight it.  We have to resist it and say NO, not today.

I had a vision in my head to showcase what it truly feels like to have anxiety  and depression.  Since I’m a photographer, what better way to do this than to document it visually through photos.

We did several setups to showcase different emotions when experiencing these feelings.

If you are battling either of these two issues, you are not alone in your battle.


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