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June 27, 2018

How Exercise Makes Me a Better Me and a Better Mom

Today is a personal post! I don’t do this often but it’s something I’m passionate about so I’m sharing some insight into my life.

Almost 6 months ago, I started taking time to care about myself. I know, all of us Moms never want to take time away from our sweet kids. I felt guilty when I started, in fact, I still feel guilty sometimes BUT the truth is, it’s ok! It’s ok to take time to do something for yourself and it’s ok to feel guilty for leaving them to take care of yourself.

I’ve seen what exercise has done for me, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I’m actually happy with myself for the first time in a very long time. When I turned 30 last year, I felt lost, I felt unhappy and I didn’t know why. That was in October. In January, I stepped on the scale thinking, *I’ve only gained a few pounds*. Well, a few turned into 20 and I was absolutely crushed. In that moment, that one single moment, I knew everything had to change. That is exactly what I did.

I changed. I changed my entire life. I take time for myself and I exercise, which I’ve grown to love. And to think my love for it all started with a mile run. I love challenging myself with a longer distance or a harder exercise at the gym.

I don’t do much for myself. Life is busy but I always try to take 2 hours a day to go run or go to the gym.

This is why I can’t stop now.

Exercise has changed everything

I’m in for the workout but I’m also in it for after the workout. It’s taught me to never say I can’t because that is not true. I started with a mile run and ended up doing 11 miles. You can do anything you set your mind to! I can do anything, I can be anything and I’m worth it and so are you!

I’m more active than I’ve ever been and that has made me happier!

I have more patience

I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff and react to situations in a different way.

It gives me energy

If my kids want to run around outside, play a game of basketball or do hopscotch, I have the energy to do it with them! Plus, the best part is, I WANT TO DO IT WITH THEM! Before, I’d be so down and tired to keep up. Now, I stay right there with them!

It makes me love myself

I love myself again for the first time in a long time. I’ve been so unhappy with myself for so long, I had forgotten what it felt like to actually love myself and I do, I love myself again.

I have confidence

I have confidence in myself again. It reminds me I’m more than what’s on the outside and beneath the physical appearance is a beautiful person.

It gives me reset

Life is hard and overwhelming to say the least and I know exercise gives me the therapy and meditation I need when I need it most.

It keeps me healthy, young and alive

You know, when I started approaching 30 I kept thinking how I needed to get myself in gear because let’s face it, it’s harder for women as we age. What better way to make sure your the hip old lady dancing in the retirement home?! That starts now!

It allows me to be me

I’m a young mom, I had my first at 23 and my second at 24 and I lost myself over the past few years. First and foremost, I’m a Mom or as they call me Mommy! There is no better feeling than hearing MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY but I want my kids to know just because you grow up, get married and have kids doesn’t mean you lose yourself or give up yourself. You don’t have to give up friends, hobbies, dreams or doing things you love! I think parents who don’t give up themselves are the best parents!

It allows me to teach my kids about healthy living

Exercise is healthy and teaching my kids to be active is so important to me! The best part is they love it as much as I do and they always beg me to take them on a run. Exercise has not only changed my life for the better but showed my kids it’s fun and it gives us a time to bond through it. I don’t always exercise with them but when I do, it’s special!

The moral to this is it’s never too late! Do what you can and when you can. Set a goal, meet it and then set a new goal! You can do this! Don’t let others discourage you, some will support you and others will not but focus on you and be the best version of YOU!

I’m thankful for this journey.

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