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July 23, 2018

MY SISTER GOT MARRIED!!!! Hunter Wedding

Dear sister,

I waited for this day to come for you. For you to find the man you always dreamed of. One who loved you for the wild, outspoken, kind hearted, loving person you are and 2 years ago you found him. I’ll never forget the night you told me about Jamal. After watching Finding Dory, we sat in the parking lot and I listened to you ramble on about how amazing of a guy he was and how much you already cared about him. I could tell in that moment, from the goofy smile on your face, he would be the one.

I was right because here we are two years later and you are married.

We’ve had a pretty amazing life together. Being almost 4 years apart is hard because we always seem to be at different stages in life, but we’ve always remained close. We may be at each other’s throats at times (we both have dominate personalities) but we soon makeup.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t excited when you came along. If I remember correctly, I don’t think I liked the idea of you at all. Now, I can’t imagine not having a hot headed, high maintenance, outspoken girl as my sister, as my entertainment. Who would I have picked on? Who would I have made music videos with? Who would I have confided in? Who would listen to me complain or be here for me when I’m sad? Who would’ve reported farm news with me? Who would’ve held my hand for me while I was in labor? Who would’ve been my support throughout this entire ride of life?

God gave me a sister because he knew I needed a friend and thankfully he picked the best friend I could have ever hoped for.

I know you’ve waited your whole life for a man like Jamal and I am so thankful you finally found him. I’m thankful he’ll be the husband you always wanted and the father to your children you’ve dreamed of. You couldn’t have chosen a better man and I can’t imagine a better father to my soon to be niece.

As for you, Amber, you are beautiful from the inside out and perfect on a daily basis. I am so proud of the woman you have become and the Mom you already are. Your wedding day was nothing short of perfection. Seeing you happy has always been my hope and knowing that’s exactly what you are fills my heart with joy.

My wish for you both is to share laughter together, hold hands through every battle, and support one another even during the struggles. When life get tough, don’t give up and lean on one another. I pray you always hold your love dear and it continues to grow.

I love you Am and I could not be happier for you!




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