Dear Niece,

From the moment your Mommy said she was pregnant, I loved you. From the first time I saw you, I loved you. From the first heartbeat I heard, I loved you more. I loved you more and more over the 9 months your Mommy carried you and then you entered this world and I loved you more than ever!

I watched you come into this world and it has forever changed my life. I watched your Mommy carry you and care for you before you entered this world. The moment you were born will forever be in my mind. I was already so overcome with love for you but the moment they put you on your Mommy’s chest, her first glance at you is something that will forever be in my mind. She already loved you so much but then she saw you; it was so special, so sweet and so much love. Then, I looked up and saw your daddy, crying, hugging your Mommy and kissing you. These were two moments I am so thankful I was there to capture and to witness. I burst into tears. I was so overcome with joy, happiness and love, for them, for you, for our family.

I hope you always know just how loved you are. I’ve been a part of the journey of waiting for you to enter this world and now that you are, I can’t wait to watch you grow. I can’t wait to teach you things, to be here for you, to always be the person you can come to. I’m excited for the relationship we’ll share, the relationship you’ll have with your cousins and the memories we’ll make together.

Our family is close. It’s sacred. It’s special and soon little girl, you’ll see just how special. It’s a bond no one can break, a love you can’t find anywhere else and no matter the hardships you go through, that family is still always right there. They help see you through.

I want you to know I’m proud of you now and the future you already. Nothing you do can ever disappoint me. Before we know it, you’ll be grown up but for now, we will hold you tight, kiss your sweet little face and tell you constantly just how much we love you.

Our love will only continue grow stronger.

I love you my sweet girl, more than you’ll ever know!

Love always,



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