In the digital age we are living in, announcing a sibling to the family is all the rage.  The picture is always so perfect. The kid is sitting there looking so excited, holding a sign or wearing their big brother/sister shirt.  Don’t you ever wonder how they actually feel? Are they really that excited or is this a show for the photo or to please the parents?

I have one sibling, a sister.  We are 3 years 10 months and 11 days apart!  From what I’ve been told, I did not want a sister.  I was not excited for her and I wanted no parts in having a sibling.  I’m not sure how long it took for me to warm up but it couldn’t have been too long because in all of my pictures, I seemed to be right by her side when she was a baby.  I guess it just took meeting her and bringing her home to realize I loved her. I know what you’re thinking, you were three years old, you didn’t know what love was. I disagree.  I think our bond started before she entered this world, no matter how much I didn’t want her here. I’ve watched my son when I brought his sister home and he was automatically attached and obsessed with her.  My sister has been by my side through thick and thin. Our relationship has always been a good one. We, of course, have our tiffs but thankfully we get over them and I know without a shadow of a doubt, she always has my back and she knows I have hers.

We’ve always been at different seasons in our lives and I’ve been here to see her through them all, some good, some bad but one thing she’s always shown me is she can rise above and never loses her faith.  As the older sister, I should be the one she looks up to (and maybe she does) but I always seem to look up to her. I never have to go through something alone because I was gifted the greatest gift, a sibling, a lifelong friend.

I am in constant awe of her.  I have watched her grow up into the amazing woman she is today.  She is now a mother (the newest additon to her amazingness). I am her number one fan.  Watching her be a mom and care so much for someone else makes me so proud of her. I knew she’d be the best mom because of how she cares for my kids. I am always and have always been proud of her.Bond over our age difference.  We may have an age gap but we bond over it.  We’ve bonded through the struggles life has thrown at us and supported one another through every battle.  We are able to still support one another and guide one another through life.She’s my go to.  If anyone is going to be completely honest with me, it’s my sister.  She will tell me anything even if it kind of hurts my feelings. Honesty is key and that’s one thing we do not lack in our relationship.

WWIII.  This is something that happens at almost every family gathering.  We usually take a small thing and blow it up into World War III. We get over it quickly but leave it to us to bring the entertainment to the party.

Love hard.  We love hard.  We’ve been through it all together; love, heartbreak, having babies, a million childhood memories, death and we are still as close as ever.

We may be sisters but I’m not obligated to love her.  I choose to. I loved her even when I wasn’t happy about her.  I have such a pure heart full of love for her. I am in constant awe of what she’s capable of.

My point is having a sibling makes us better and no matter what life throws our way, they are in our corner, they have our back and truly understand who we are when no one else does.  Where would I be without my sister? I would be lost, lonely and missing a piece of my world that makes it go round.

So let me just say this:

Thank you sister for not holding a grudge and forgiving me when I was mean to you as a kid.  Thank you for always being my go-to, my built in best friend and my listening ear.

Thank you for making music videos to Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera with me.  We danced our hearts out in those and had some pretty sick dance moves.

Thank you for the laughs you’ve provided over the years.  You’ve always been the funniest person I know.

Thank you for making a million memories with me!  My favorites are what we are making now with our kids and the new bond we share.

You’ve always been the peanut butter to my ice cream and my life would’ve been so boring and quiet without you.   Who else would have made me laugh, danced with me, crunched their water bottle loudly after ever sip, told me like it is, supported my dreams, played barbies with me for hours, play dress up, watch movies with me and be there during those high school years.

I don’t have to change who I am to be her “friend” and I am constantly empowered by the woman she is.  Don’t take your sibling for granted, appreciate and love them just a little bit harder.


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