These kiddos have a special place in my heart! They are so sweet, spunky and full of life and I love them dearly! This is their last photo shoot as siblings of 4 because in a few short weeks, they will have a new sister! I can’t wait to meet her! I’m so thankful for […]

We’re backkkkkk!!! It’s been a minute since we’ve blogging. Last year became so overwhelming with weddings, sessions and life in general & blogging took a back seat. We are back and ready to go! Between the two of us, a lot has happened over the course of a year. Job changes, new hobbies, new jobs, […]

Have you ever woke up and just felt so overwhelmed? I’m sure we all have. We wake up realizing the million tasks we have to do for be day and few completely defeated. Who wants to wake up feeling defeated and the day hasn’t even technically begun? I know I don’t! Overwhelmed seems to be […]

So you are planning your wedding. You’ve got your photographers (yay), videographers, venue, caterers, DJ, and planner booked and ready! You know exactly how you want everything decorated and have all of that taken care of. You found THE DRESS! You have your jewelry, shoes, and hairstyles all picked out and ready to go! Your […]

So, I’m not going to lie…I got a little teary eyed writing this blog! This girl right here is my little cousin. I can remember holding her on my hip and pretending she was mine (and completely believing that other people would think so too). I remember her playing putt putt at the beach and […]

TWO YEARS! How is this even possible? This sweet baby that we prayed so hard for. The one that we were told we would never have. We have had him for 2 years! I just can’t wrap my mind around it. This sweet boy completed our family and stole our hearts. He is as rotten […]

It seems like we just did a maternity session with this family and now their beautiful new addition is here!! Meet miss Emmalyn!  She was perfection from the time I got to the hospital until the time I left!  Her parents and new big sister were absolutely smitten with her! It was such a joy […]

Life is rushed…for all of us! Some days I sit down at the end of the day and can’t remember what I did that morning (true story) or if I have even ate anything. Holidays are rushed trying to make sure you see everyone, weekends are rushed because there are always so many activities going […]

These two! They were so amazing to work with for their anniversary session. Aside from being such an adorable couple, they were so sweet and loving the entire session. They would sneak in kisses and tight hugs without even being told to do so (a photographer’s dream)! They wanted to incorporate their Jeep and their […]

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